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Forage-fed at Five Mile Ranch is a practice that goes BEYOND GRASS-FED. Here, beef cattle are allowed to roam freely on a biodiverse landscape, grazing on a rich variety of wild native edibles - not just grass. This holistic method fosters a healthier and more natural diet for the cattle, which in turn boosts the nutritional quality of the beef. Environmentally, this practice contributes to the preservation of native flora and fauna, promoting biodiversity and enhancing the health of the ecosystem. The cattle's active grazing also helps in soil regeneration and carbon sequestration, which can mitigate climate change. Therefore, forage-fed beef from Five Mile Ranch represents a sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and nutritionally superior choice for consumers.

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The GMO-Free protocol at our ranch ensures that our beef cattle consume only naturally occurring, non-genetically modified organisms. This is achieved through a commitment to grazing them on natural native biodiverse plants that are inherently free from any genetic modification. Our cattle graze freely on this wild vegetation, which excludes grains and corn, typically associated with genetically modified feeds. Therefore, by adhering to a diet sourced directly from nature, our cattle are naturally GMO-free, promoting not only their health but also the quality and safety of the beef produced for consumers.

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We firmly believe in natural growth and do not administer any artificial hormones to our cattle. This means our cattle mature at their own pace, leading to healthier animals and better quality meat.

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Our cattle rarely fall ill due to their robust health and environmental adaptation. However, in the extremely rare case that a life-or-death situation necessitates antibiotic use, the animal is immediately separated from the herd. This ensures that the rest of the herd remains antibiotic-free and that the treated animal does not enter our beef production line.

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Our pastures exist in a harmonious balance with nature. This equilibrium minimizes the occurrence of invasive species, effectively eliminating the need for pesticides or herbicides. Instead of resorting to chemicals, we rely on the natural ecosystem and our cattle's grazing habits to control any potential pests or weeds, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our herd.

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The strength of our cattle lies in their deep-rooted connection to the land they inhabit. Over many generations, our cattle have been born and raised on this land, naturally evolving to become resistant to common parasites that might be present in the environment. This innate parasite resistance has eliminated the need for chemical wormers. The symbiosis between our cattle and their natural habitat helps us maintain a herd that is healthy and resilient, without the use of artificial interventions.

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At Five Mile Beef Ranch, we are committed to providing you with the healthiest and purest beef. No artificial preservatives or additives are used in our beef production process. This strict adherence to a nitrate/nitrite-free protocol guarantees that our beef is not only delicious but also wholesome and safe.

This choice is rooted in our understanding that nitrates and nitrites, often used as preservatives, can negatively impact health by forming potentially carcinogenic compounds in the body; at Five Mile Beef Ranch, we choose to prioritize your health by relying on traditional meat preservation techniques that are free from such harmful substances.

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    At Five Mile Beef Ranch, we adhere strictly to the regulations and guidelines set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for meat processing. Our beef is processed at a facility that receives regular inspections from the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), ensuring the safety and wholesomeness of our products.

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    At Five Mile Beef Ranch, we follow a rotational grazing protocol to ensure the health of our cattle and the sustainability of our pastures.

    Dividing Pastures: We divide our grazing land into smaller paddocks. The size and number of these depend on the herd size, the type of forage available, and the grazing period.

    Grazing Period: Cattle are moved to a new paddock after a specific grazing period. The duration depends on factors such as forage growth rate and cattle's daily intake. The goal is to allow cattle to graze down the forage but not overgraze.

    Rest Period:After the cattle have been moved from a paddock, it is left to rest and regrow. This period varies based on forage type and environmental conditions but is generally long enough to allow full recovery.

    Monitoring: Regular monitoring of forage growth and cattle health helps to adjust the grazing and rest periods as needed.

    The importance of rotational grazing lies in its multiple benefits:

    Soil Health: Rotational grazing improves soil health by allowing more uniform distribution of manure and urine, which are excellent sources of nutrients for the soil.

    Forage Productivity: It increases forage productivity and diversity by giving plants adequate rest time to regrow.

    Cattle Health: It enhances cattle health and productivity by providing them with access to fresh and highly nutritious forage.

    Environmental Sustainability: By preventing overgrazing, rotational grazing helps in maintaining the ecosystem balance, promoting biodiversity, and reducing soil erosion.

    By adhering to this protocol, Five Mile Beef Ranch ensures that we raise our cattle in a way that is not only beneficial for them but also sustainable for our environment.

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    At Five Mile Beef Ranch, we practice regenerative ranching to restore the health of our soils, enhance biodiversity, and contribute to a sustainable food system.

    Soil Management: We employ practices that increase organic matter in the soil, such as composting and cover cropping. This not only improves soil fertility but also enhances its water-holding capacity, reducing the need for irrigation.

    Integrated Pest Management: We opt for natural pest control methods, reducing reliance on chemical pesticides. This includes promoting beneficial insects and rotating crops to disrupt pest life cycles.

    Holistic Management of Livestock: Our cattle are managed in a way that mimics the natural behavior of wild grazing herds, contributing to soil health and ecosystem function.

    Carbon Sequestration: Through careful management of our pastures, we aim to maximize the capture of carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil, helping to mitigate climate change.

    Biodiversity Conservation: We strive to maintain and enhance biodiversity on our ranch by protecting native habitats and promoting a variety of plant species in our pastures.

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    Our cattle at Five Mile Beef Ranch enjoy the freedom of roaming the expansive Nevada pastures, living as nature intended.

    Open Pasture Grazing: Our cattle are given unrestricted access to pasture throughout the year. They are free to graze, roam, and exhibit their natural behavior in a stress-free environment.

    Animal Welfare: We ensure that all animals have access to clean water, fresh air, and sunshine. Their health is regularly monitored, and any necessary medical treatment is provided promptly.

    Natural Diet: Our cattle's diet consists primarily of the diverse range of grasses found in the Nevada pastures. During periods of slow pasture growth, supplementary feeding may be provided.

    No Confinement: We do not confine our cattle in feedlots. They spend their entire lives on pasture, only being gathered for necessary procedures like health checks or treatments.

    Respect for Nature: We manage our ranch in harmony with nature, respecting the natural rhythms of the land and the animals, and striving to leave a positive impact on the environment.

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    At Five Mile Beef Ranch, we firmly believe that all animals should be treated with respect and kindness. We adhere to a protocol for humanely raising our cattle, which includes the following:

    Free Range Grazing: Our cattle are given unrestricted access to our expansive Nevada pastures throughout the year. They are free to graze, roam, and exhibit their natural behaviors in a stress-free environment.

    Animal Welfare: We prioritize the health and well-being of our cattle. Regular health checks are performed and any necessary medical treatment is provided promptly. We ensure that all animals have access to clean water, fresh air, and sunshine.

    No Unnecessary Interventions: We avoid unnecessary interventions such as dehorning or tail docking. When necessary procedures are carried out, they are performed by trained personnel or under veterinary supervision to minimize stress and pain.

    Natural Diet: Our cattle's diet consists primarily of the diverse range of grasses found in the Nevada pastures. During periods of slow pasture growth, supplementary feeding may be provided, but we do not use growth hormones or feed additives.

    Gentle Handling: We train our ranch staff in low-stress animal handling techniques. This creates a calm environment for our cattle, reducing stress and promoting better health.

    Respectful Slaughter: When the time comes, we ensure that our cattle are transported and slaughtered in the most humane way possible.

    By following this protocol, Five Mile Beef Ranch ensures that our beef is not only of high quality, but also comes from cattle that have been raised with care and respect.

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