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Share and Earn with The Five Mile Beef

Invite Friends, Earn Credit, and Enjoy Delicious Beef Together

Referral Program Details

Invite Friends, Earn Credit, and Enjoy Delicious Beef Together

At Five Mile Beef, we’re excited to introduce our referral program, designed to reward you for sharing our delicious, sustainably-raised beef with your friends and family. It’s simple and rewarding: for every person you refer who makes a purchase using your referral link, you’ll earn $20. Not only do you benefit, but your friends do too—they’ll receive $10 off their first order just for using your link. Plus, we automatically give new customers an additional $10 off, so they get a total of $20 off their first purchase.

Accessing and sharing your referral link is easy. Just click on "account" and then "referrals" on the front page our website to find all your referral information. We've create a short video guide below to eliminate any confusion. From there, you can quickly share your unique link with others. We encourage you to share it on social media, in your stories on Instagram and Facebook, TikTok, or through text and email. If you need access to images or videos or would like to collaborate, let us know, we'd be happy to assist. 

Our program is a way to thank you for helping us grow our community of customers who care about high-quality, grass-fed beef and sustainable ranching practices. Who knows, you may share so much that you end up enjoying Five Mile Beef for free each month! Join our referral program today and start earning rewards while sharing the best beef around with those you care about.

As part of your sharing efforts, and our efforts to grow organically, if you should need access to videos or images or have ideas on collaboration, let us know!